Friday, November 18, 2011

Meiosis and Mitosis

Next week my youngest sister will be having her SPM science paper
She said she wanna study science paper first while I am still at home (before I go back to KL),see if got any problem then she can still ask me.
Just now she was reading about the topic 'Heredity and Variation',and she was confused between meiosis and mitosis, so she asked me to teach her how to differentiate between the two.
*tada* this is the one.paper.explanation I made for my sister ^^
very easy to understand right?hehe,of course la!it was my creation leh!

BUT It was difficult to explain some parts,especially when I was explaining about the purpose of meiosis which is to produce gamete cells.But the problem was I didn't know how much a Form5 student know about human reproductive system,didn't know how to explain in the most suitable way cause it involved some sexual aspect.
So I asked my sister(in cantonese) :"baby怎样来的?"
She answered me(in cantonese) :"生出来咯"
Her answer gave me a big sweat loh >.<'''  couldn't estimate the rough idea how much she know actually.
Then I asked again:"do u know about sperm and ovum?"She said YES!
I was kinda relief that time,at least she knows about ovum and sperm,and I could start explaining with the both term.

After explaining to her,then only I realized it is difficult to explain something to someone else.
But I do hope that my explanation will help her understands more about the topic la.Hope that she can answer it if the question about meiosis and mitosis really come out in exam.


  1. I LOL after reading your sister innocent reply XD

  2. good bro!
    i forget everything loooo~~

  3. @superbearman89: yalo!me tooo LOL when i heard it
    @wei han: haha,of coz la,i still got studied it during my first year one loh :P