Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Still remember the DEBT #1 post?!
I put it as #1 last time,because there will be #2 and #3 and so on for sure :( and this time I am gonna blog bout the DEBT#2
Last time I had cleared the Digi's bill, and this time I had cleared the government debt! >.<

It was about a year ago,when I illegally parked my car in front of the TNB electric box at Kajang town,it was very difficult to find parking that time,and that time I wanna to go to bank to do some stuff. Never thought that the police at the Kajang town was so hardworking and efficient!I just left my car for AWHILE only,and when I came back to my car,I saw a saman paper being slipped to my car wiper there!really sui ar!!
I was quite hesitating at first whether wanna pay for the saman anot.But after 'consulting' my friend,he said he also kena last time,but he didn't go to pay for it. He asked me to calm down,no need bother bout the saman,just throw the paper away and he told me his 'theory' that those saman from Majlis Perbandaran no need to pay one,only those saman from the speeding in highway need to pay. He said until so real,so I just believed him loh~BUT I didn't throw the saman paper away la,I kept it.

After almost one year,suddenly my dad(who is the car owner,but I am the one who drive the car everyday XD) received a letter from Majlis Perbandaran Kajang and inside the letter,they said got what promotion la,need to pay RM20 only, then said need to pay ASAP before 8Dec,and if fail to do so,my dad will soon receive another letter which will 'invite' him to the court @.@

So my dad called me and asked me to go pay it ASAP loh~
aiz,should have paid it last time when I get it!If I paid it last time,my dad wouldn't receive the letter and he wouldn't know that I kena saman before :( spoiled my good good boy image
Shouldn't listen to my friend's theory!RUBBISH theory!

So I went to paid it 2days ago~~
My second debt had cleared now :)

p/s:I went to Kajang again today to fix my Bank Islam ATM card. This time I didn't park at those illegal parking side,I parked my car inside the parking box.BUT this time I didn't pay for the parking. When I came back to my car,I saw a white shirt guy holding a device on hand,looking at my car. I ran toward him as fast as I could,and as I expected,he was one of the MPKJ guys!phew~I was lucky!I apologized to him and drove my car away!If I was late for a second,I think he sure saman me again~
So the lesson of the day>>
DO pay for the parking
If so kiamsiap don't wanna to pay for it,DON'T drive to Kajang town,DON'T park there
The MPKJ guys there are all very efficient,not everytime you will be as lucky as me


  1. WAH do you mean im the one telling you those RUBBISH theories huh.....?

  2. not u my coursemate,u told me before meh?

  3. @fufu:haha.yaya!is good to not own a car :(