Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chatime @ Ipoh

Everybody is so crazy about Chatime (the Taiwanese Bubble tea)
So let blog about the Chatime la!!

Today I went to fetch my eldest sister back from working. On the way back, she asked me to fetch her to somewhere to buy bubble tea. I was wondering which bubble tea she was talking about.
When I reached the destination,only then I realized that actually there is a Chatime branch at Ipoh jugak! Not bad ar,Ipoh also got Chatime. Somemore there are more and more new things coming to Ipoh recently,such as Haagen Dazz and Overtime. But this time let talk about the Ipoh branch CHATIME :)

Currently there are three popular bubble tea companies in Malaysia, Chatime, Gong Cha and Ochado. But I just tried Chatime before,the other two I never try,will find one day to go and compare see see.
This was my second time trying out the bubble tea from Chatime. I still remeber I bought the red bean flavour milk tea during the first visit.
This time I bought Roasted Milk Tea and Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea, both with added pearl inside. Each cost RM5.90 (including pearl). The price quite reasonable if only you are living at KL,but definitely not worth at Ipoh! RM5.90 for a bubble tea at Ipoh is abit too expensive la,even when I asked my dad to guess the price,he guessed RM3.50 only >.< when I told him it was actually RM5.90, he was shocked and scolded us for buying it!haha..typical parent~lol

I bought the Roasted Milk Tea for myself. Personally I don't really like it. erm, it tasted abit weird la, it got a very strong seaweed taste!seaweed plus milk tea plus pearl,kinda weird la >.<  (NOT RECOMMENDED)
The other one Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea which I bought for my sister is better than mine. But still it tasted abit plain,the chocolate flavour not that strong, and I couldn't taste the hazelnut pun~It would be better if the chocolate flavour can improve abit. (maybe they put too much water already,idk)

p/s: I still prefer the Red Bean Milk Tea which I tried at the Mid Valley megamall there.


  1. A normal size bubble tea here is...CAD$3.99! times 3.2 become RM13+ loh ~~~ @@

  2. aiya,of coz la,u wont expect it to be too cheap at u there mah,dont look at the conversion,if earn money there,use money there,should be reasonable :)