Saturday, January 2, 2010

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Day 2,3,4,5

okie...Let us continue my story on Singapore trip...
(actually quite lazy to continue blog bout it since it past for almost 1 week
already,but since I had started so let I finish it with a nice ending ^^)
since I mentioned earlier,I had became lazy,so I will blog bout the Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 all together in one shot!^^
it will be a super longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg post,so be prepare la...ahaha

Day 2
It was Christmas Eve and my sis still needed to working on that day...couldn't take leave,damn kesian her T______T so she disappeared before I woke up in the morning...
due to that,my cousin (is he my cousin?!I am actually not so sure bout that...I actually can't differentiate what is cousin and what is nephew)or more specifically my gugu's son,brought us to the Tampines 1 shopping mall to had our lunch and also movie Alvin And The Chipmunk there!haha...ALL FREE OF CHARGE!haha...
for me the movie was just okok only,not a great movie,but ok la,worth to watch during Christmas...somemore it was free!^^
We had our lunch,teppanyaki style!
Before the movie,I managed to bought I clothes at the Tampines 1,cost me $29 after discount,according to my sis,it is considered as CHEAP already for that price ^^ and I like it soooo much!!!from Topman eh!
at night,we went to the Orchard Road to countdown for the Christmas by MRT.
and this is the view inside the MRT...can you noticed the differences between the MRT with the KTM,LRT,and Monorail at Malaysia?!I bet blind also will noticed it!haiz,Malaysia public transportation is really suck!cant even be compared with MRT...It never delay although during peak hour,the train is big and can accomodate many people,wont be squeeze til die if many people and important is it comes every 4 minutes!hah!I bet Malaysia cant never ever acchieve 4minutes per train!

And believe me,there was really many many people at Orchard Road!super duper crowded and we hardly walked at there,just people pushing each others!these are some pictures taken at the Orchard road there...sooo nice!

can you guys see the crowd?!haha it was like crazy there!

Four of us!camwhoring!^^

she wear tooo short skirt already...haha...funny!

My sister said that these Christmas tree was made of Ferrero Rocher Choc!
Do you believe it?!

the decoration of the Tang's studio!it was sooooo golden in colour!NICE!

Day 3
It was 25Dec and it was a public holiday!hah!My sis no need to go to work^^
so we went to Sentosa Island on that day!we prayed soooo hard for it to not rain on that whole day!and we were sooo lucky because we managed to play all the outdoor ride before it really rained like shit!soooo lucky!

we went into the GREAT Merlion!

went up to the top by the lift inside the Merlion...Picture taken at the mouth of the Merlion ^^

funny thing happened inside the Merlion!all the white thing will glow in he dark when shine by a specific light!sooo special,even ut white teeth also will glow!

after that we went to ride the Luke Ride!
it was something like the Go Kart racing at was fun!

this was the Sky Rideand this was my sis expression during the sky ride!haha...stupid!
she didnt open her eye even for 1 second!

at the Bird farm...feeding bird with nectar...
the experience was great,but it was really geli at the first minutes the bird stepped on my hand and walked along my arm till my shoulder!

the Underwater World of Sentosa Island
More or less same as the one in KLCC...

we also went to watched the sea lion show...the 2 sea lions which performing that day was sooo cute,they can wave their hand and say 'hi' to us,can crap their hand....soooo cute!
Before leaving Sentosa,we went to watch the stunning Song of the Sea!It just cost $10 per pax and it was definitely worth to be watched!!!!

Day 4
this was the most tiring day during the whole trip!
we walked from the north to the sorth,from east to west,all over the Singapore @.@
we walked from the City Hall MRT station,to the Marina Square through the City Link tunner,then from there walked to Suntec Mall,from Suntec Mall walked back to Marina Square(because we lost already),then only from Marine Square walked to the Singapore Flyer!
YUP!Singapore Flyer!got promotion that time,buy 2 get 2 free,but provider with 4 passport la to show you are the tourists ^^

posing inside the flyer!^^nice pose huh!

From there,we walked back to the Marina Square to have our dinner at Yuki Yaki,a Japanese style Buffet!It was nice!you all should try it if you got a chance,just cost around $27 per pax including the tax ^^
Special about Yuki Yaki,it got steamboat,got teppanyaki,and even got cold plate at there for us to make our own ice cream leh!soooo fun!

this is the hot plate for teppanyaki

while this is the cold plate for ice cream making ^^

*tada* the result!

even TaiChi style also ada!=.=

After finishing the dinner,we walked back to the City link tunnel to the Esplanade
we were sooo full that time,and we needed to walk soooo long way to the Esplanade,plus we were in rush because we wanted to rush to the Jewel Box for the Diamond Christmas tree...

from the Esplanade,we walk back to the City Hall's MRT station...Took the MRT to the HarbourFront Tower MRT station,then went to the Jewel Box on top of the hill by bus for the Diamond Christmas tree!sooo unexpected for the artificial snow which fall at there!sooo fun!!!all people at there were like crazily happy playing with those artificial snow...haha...

Day 5
Yoyo~~it was my shopping day!oooh god!Singapre is a shopping haeven!!!!shopping is like a daily activity at there for singaporean!soooooo many shopping mall!those clothes are sooo nice!!!
but before that,we went to the 唐人街...

WOoooHHooooo!!!!Finallt finished already!haha....before ending the post,I would like to share with you all a picture ^^

haha!sticker pasted on the MRT door!!!haha...stupid la!!!!


  1. haha...i aso eat d paper wok....d 1st pic...haha..nice....i eat unagi de..:p
    i go almost same place wif u all..juz din meet u..haiz...

  2. hah?!ya meh??maybe u went to those places different date with me gua...haiz,no 'yuan' la both of us,or v just 'cha jian er guo'coz tooo many poeple?!haha,who know?!^^
    i believe that u were having a great holiday at spore too^^