Sunday, January 3, 2010

GREEN,everything in GREEN

Let us talk bout the environment now!haha
suddenly I just feel that there is an urge to blog bout this ^^ after seeing soooo many newspaper article on 'PLEASE PROTECT OUR EARTH','GREEN','SAVE THE WORLD',natural disasters here and here,people dying around us......hah!see,issues on environment are getting popular nowadays after the 2012 movie!

So,here are some tips to protect our earth,to extend IT lifespan for the benefit of our grand grand grand children~~~(wah!I never thought I will think something until sooooo far)
These tips are just some simple contribution which we can do in our daily life,although it contribution seem small and useless,but if everyone act together,it will help alot!^^

1)DON'T ever click the button of 'Receipt' whenever u withdraw money from an ATM machine (except when you really need them for prove or what la) ^^ according to the newspaper,if everyone save it,then we can prevent the wastage of paper which equal to the total length of paper which can surround the earth 15times annually!

2)DON'T use toilet paper,use water instead of that after you finish doing your big business.Use towel instead of face tissue.This can save alot of tree

3)STOP using plastic bag!use those degradable bag or 环保袋... (I think is time for me to buy 1 also leh)

4)Replace the usage of the electrical toothbrush with the old type manual toothbrush ^^ it can prevent the release of 48g CO2 into the air

5) Watch TV but 30minutes less than usual everyday ^^

these are the few simple steps (actually there were still many out there,but lazy to mention here la,go find urself la) which we can do in our daily life

and lastly,the MOST IMPORTANT is
please wear GREEN shirt all the time ^^ to show that YOU are actually GREEN!*lame*


  1. Wear green shirt all the time can save the planet? I had never heard this before. Haha. Yea, I read the Sinchew's articles and I was worried too! I will die once I graduate in 2012? I don't want! Let's go green ^^

  2. haha,be make sure u wear green shit ok!hah!
    btw,sinchew?!where u get the newspaper??u were reading online izzit??

  3. green shit!!?? Are you making fun of me?! Yea, I know it's typo, again. XD Yes, I read the articles online. It would be grateful to see Sinchew here =.="