Saturday, January 16, 2010

'SHE' is the worst girl and daughter I ever see!!!!

Please just forgive me for having this blog,talking some bad of somebody else,but I just can't tahan anymore!!!!'She' is just toooooooo unfilial!!!

When a dad scolds her daughter,no one will say anything,because this is something which is normal
BUT when a daughter scolds her dad,and not for the first time,but many times already,this is what I meant by UNFILLIAL!!!!!!I don't care what is the situation,who is wrong or who is correct,if a daughter scolds her dad,i will just say that the daughter 没家教!

The reason she gave us when she scolded her dad was that she learnt it from her mom
she said why her mom can scold her dad while she can't?!
KNS la her!MCB!!!CCB!!!she never been to school before izzit??she never been taught that we can't scold or talk loud to our parents izzit??or she is toooo stupid already until she couldn't understand what the teacher had taught her during the primary and secondary school?!
she just thought that she is the biggest person in the world,or so called VIP

CANNOT be scolded by others even the one who is scolding her is older than her
and only she can scold people even if the person scolded by her is older than her
there are just other people's wrong and fault,but she never wrong in everything (but actually she is wrong!)
she will remember one person's wrong forever but will never ever remember one person's good deed even for 1 days!
she will remember how her dad scolded her long time ago,even if the incidents happened 10000000000 years ago!she will never ever forget those incidents!

She never thought of how her dad will feel when his own daughter scolds her like that!
She never feel ashame for what had her done!even if her mom asked her to stop behaving like that to her dad,she will just argue with her mom that she actually is not scolding her dad,but just 'SAID' her dad only =.=
She never thought that if next time her son or daughter will behave like that also and scold her everytime everyday since after they are born,even if they are still in infant life!wtf

why ar the other sisters and brother of her won't behave like how she behave?!
she said to her mom 'Nah,see la,this is how u taught me,until I also act like this now,so all of these thing(those scolding stuff and those unfilial stuff) I am actually learnt from you only'
I really don't understand,how come in the whole family,among the 4 siblings,she is the only one who is able to learn 'all this things' from her mom,but the other three siblings are sooo good,won't talk loud to their parents pun!

and I don't know how her so called boyfriend can stand on her behavior for such a long time?!
when there are some tiny mini prob occured between her bf and she,her face will turn into black(even darker than the bao qin tin) just within 1second,and she will be starting to yell at her bf and scold him!OMG!!!!and I never thought that there is still a guy can tahan her super ugly and bad behavior!even after 3years they pak toh!wtf
how can her mother-in-law stand her bad behavior?!
I really scare that there will be a case where the mother-in-law is gek sei by her!

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