Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SWINE flu outbreak and tsunami T_T

This will be a short post after all,I just wana to carry out my unsatisfying toward the damn H1N1 virus,and the damn rumour about the Tsunami which will be hitting the Malaysia very badly at the region of Laut China Selatan around July!!!
maybe the Swine flu (H1N1) was not the major reason for cancelling the Redang trip,but it does contribute a part for it!argh!!!!
somemore everyone of us are so affraid of dying on a pulau,maybe during the hitting of tsunami,we are snorkelling and we are wearing life jacket that time,maybe we will be the only one group who are saved from the tsunami because of the life jacket,but wtf,I was stunted at there when my friend said maybe we are saved because of the life jacket,but if we really hit by the tsunami with life jacket on,maybe we will be floated to Sabah or Sarawak there together with the sea water...and then we will be caught by the marine polis there because of entering Sabah or Sarawak without the permission...@.@

kk...I accept the truth that I also scare of the tsunami,maybe it is really true as predicted by don't-know-who,but precaution is always better than everything,*this is what I am studying now*,so haiz,what to do,the plan of going to Redang there cancelled already...arghhhhhhh!

*but I really hope that the prediction will be coming true,at least I will be feeling better after seeing the news and glad for not going there,if not I WILL-KILL-THE-PREDICTOR*

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