Friday, May 15, 2009

The END & the BEGINNING is a day which for me is worth to celebrate...haha
because starting from today lectures and all those stupid lab,scl n pbl will be ended and most important is this will be the end of all those continuous assessment!!!really HATE assessment!everyweek will be at least once!!!althought it really help me to pass my final...BUT still HATE IT!!!
and guess what,no need to wear formal already for around 1 week time...*wee*...and so I got less clothes to wash
BUT starting from today onward,my nightmare starts!!!
OMG...everyday routine will be the same starting from today
wake up,brush teeth,bath,may or may not have my breakfast,then STUDY-STUDY-STUDY and STUDY except for the lunch n dinner time!!!I really can't tahan this kind of life...
whether you believe or not,I will be going out next week when I really can't tahan already!maybe least better than being a nerd who everyday facing those NOTESSSSSS only!!!.

There will be less than 2 weeks time and I will regain my freedom!!!haha...
looking forward for it...and praying for not getting viva,or else my holiday will be ruined!

p/s:*and for your information,I will be having a small operation on my left big toe after my pray for me la,wish me dai bou lam guo la...*


  1. Cheh, operation on your toe won't cost your life. Why need an operation on your toe??? Cacat ah? Kaka

  2. lolz...just a small operation...haha...but it already chronic for almost 9months scare later doc said cant heal n nid to cut off the whole toe...haha...still duno whether need to be operated anot,will be knowing after the appointment wif doc...