Sunday, May 3, 2009

I want REDANG!!!!!

lolz...I really envy those who already in holiday now...
envy them because they can go to wet wherever they want to go
why redang is sooo popular ar among my friends?!why all are going to redang one after another?!
haiz...looking at their pictures taken at Pulau Redang there really made me envy till the peak!!!
TELL you guys,don't you think that you are the only 1 who can go to Redang,ok!I will be going to Redang toooooo!!!!*but still not sure whether the plan is still on anot*
SO,I beg you all,my coursemate,please la,please make your decision faster and let me know got who sure going!!!PLSSSSS...
I know it is quite expensive to go Redang there,budget pun at least around RM500,but it is very worth de,believe me...It will definitely become our sweettttt sweettttt memories!!!
there got water play,got sand to bury people,can snorkelling see the fish,got many lengzai lenglui there(including me,I will be half naked that day),you all can gap gou gou la,*maybe if we lucky got 鬼佬 doing those 18sx thing there*...
you see la,so many things can do there,so pls ON!!!!

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  1. Redang ar?? Not a good place for vacation.. quite boring de la.. anywhere also can sunbath de la..