Thursday, March 31, 2011

fuck off la the stupid :( sign!!!!!!!!

If you dont feel like telling me the truth, dont sms me :( this stupid bad mood sign la!
now I ask what actually happening there,you die die also dont wanna tell me!
you think very funny ar??!!Do you know how it feels when I actually know there is something bad happening there,but I cant do anything but just guess guess guess and only guess!
Suddenly yesterday sent me
>>Gor Gor :(

I knew something was not right there,you never sms me before,but suddenly sent me this kind of sms!
I asked you tell me secretly but you ask me go back home see by yourself!
I am part of the family too okie!
I am now guessing so wildly...
izit something bad happened to mom or dad?!
izit because of financial prob?!
or what type of serious arguement happened there?!

you told me 'mom dont wanna tell you because dont wanna you to worry so much'
but IF I never go back to home this weekend,if you didnt sms me yesterday,I wouldnt knew it loh forever!
The feeling or worrying and guessing really not good ok!ie
tomorrow I am driving back okie!you are only making me to be more worry and forcing me to drive fast to go back home early!

Oh GOD,I am praying for YOU now,hopefully nothing serious is happening to my family

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