Thursday, March 24, 2011

yeah!21 already!A totally adult already (although still looking young n youthful), I can do many things without any limitation already!

1. Can enter casino la!yeah!Genting Casino here I come!although I been to inside before,gambled before,but never had a chance to change the coin myself! gia,everyone interested to go Genting gamble?!let's GO!

2. Can go to the club or pub already!I can proudly enter without any fear!wow!You wanna check my ID,nah,here you go!I was born 1990 okie :P come let go get HIGH and get ourselve DRUNK! (but I need a driver that night muahaha)

Erms,did I just mention I can do 'MANY' things since I am 21 now?!what else I can do besides the 2 I mentioned above?!Oh ya,I can wear the new golden necklace my mom bought for me last month!so anticipating to go home next week to try and wear it on!see how HEAVY it will be :)
*is a Chinese tradition to have a golden necklace and key for the 21th birthday*

ooops,does 21y/o mean I can get laid as well?!LOL

By the way,stop the craps above la!I am gonna share some of my memorable photos during my BIG BIG BIG 21th Birthday celebration!

Had a birthday cbration with my senior buddy!
Our birthday just 1 day different from each others,from the right,Jacklyn-21th march, Siew Eng-22th March and me 23th March!
such a coincident rite!and we are from the same secondary school also! :)

Eating the Pizza at Michelangelo's at Pavilion!
the food were quite nice,worth to try it!but is abit expensive la

Next,three of us went to try out cakes from The Chocolate
I like the round shape white n dark choc cake!so yummy yummy!

This is my coursemate celebrating my birthday with me at Ben's Pavilion
the pasta (a few of them) were nice!and affortable

Total of 8 of us!(from left to right)
Keith,Peiyi,Jessie,Tze suen,Huishan,endao Hooi and Iki
Lurve u all soooo much for the dinner
*freidnship forever*

at the end of the day,we had SNOWFLAKE!
but it is not recommended la (NOT NICE)

The Only cake I had for this year birthday! ^^
is a green tea flavour cake!yummy yummy!thx alot!

And also the only 'viewable' pressie I got!
it's a choc by one of my friend :)
but when I get it,it was abit melted d,yet it was still very sweet!

*Specially For WEIHAN* (wondering u will see this anot)
I can't wait for our massive bufday celebration!when when when?!
I will be going back to Ipoh on next week Friday! :)
wanna meet up?!haha,this time I am driving


  1. ur greentea cake looks very high class eh!

    btw, ipoh has Michaelangelo too!

  2. ada meh Ipoh??haha,I never tot Ipoh is such high class tooo...hahaha...where is it??

  3. the layout is not well decorated.
    it's very small also.
    the price is still the same, and it still tastes nice.

    it's near the dominoz pizza and mcd drivetru there.