Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a simple word-SORRY =)

A very very meaningful video indeed!
people nowadays just didn't really apologize for what they had did wrongly
if U really realized that u are wrong,just say sorry,it wont kill u wat..what so difficult leh?!because of wanna to jaga muka?!
but I gonna admit too,sometime,I didn't apologize too altho I knew I was wrong (cause there are some particular person who I don't feel like wanna say sorry to) altho I know it is kinda lame reason...but my heart just didnt allow me to say the word out..
to all of my friends,I know I am kinda mean sometime in some aspect,teasing u bald head la,teasing u why u got so many pimple la,teasing u why u so fat,and etc etc....I am really sorry for that,my mouth is kinda bitchie I know it!sorry...
BUT that is also the reason why u all like me right?!hehe,being a true friend,teasing each others without 'boundary' LOLz...just sometime I shouldn't tease over the limit
(I will try to control abit la next time....)

Okie~~being guiltiness over liao!hahahaa
gonna cont tease u all already!

p/s: and I wanna emphasize again,karma will turn turn turn and turn back to us one
everytime after I teased ppl why u got so many pimples one,then the next day I get a huge 'volcano' on the tip on my nose d!same goes to bald head and fat,I am getting more n more hair loss and fat already compared to last time :( haiz....KARMA ar KARMA......


  1. haha.. good video clip.
    no wonder u suddenly drop ur slaughtering sword, stand straight and bcome buddha la.

  2. haha,no la,that video came after i read his blog...i bak lao also buddha la :P