Thursday, April 16, 2009

SUSHI KING feast!!!!!

lolz!one picture describes EVERYTHING!!!!!

can you imagine how fierce were 5 of us during that 40minutes?!
haha,you all will definitely cant imagine how excited were we when we were invited to go in to the shop after 20minutes waiting at outside...
once we went into the shop,haiz...I don't want to mention here...(but due to the request from others...terpaksa la I)
wah!so unbelievable!
you all will be stunned there by the action of all those 4 girls(jess,tze suen,iki and tze suen's sis) who were with me at there!!!how they took those 'rotating' they!
of coz me too very fierce la inside there!like a guy starving for 19years never eat and finally see sooo many things in front of him!!!
or like some kind of 乡下佬出城市酱!never eat sushi before!wakaka...
lolz...what to do if all plate in front of us really cost RM2 per plate?!of coz yao gam duo yak gam duo la!!!
but sad to tell you guys that today is the last day for the promotion!!!muahaha...
so don't feel envy wor if you can have it...
wtf tell you,we ate rm100 for 5 persons!!!
so each person aroung RM20 including tax...
and guess how many plates had we eaten?!43 plates!!!!!
each person around 8plates like that la...but me more than 8 plates!
lolz...who ask I was the only guy there,and you know ge la,girls like to keep fit...
haiz,at the end,they just ate those sushi without rice and force me to help them finished those rice...@@

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