Sunday, April 5, 2009

FiNALLY I did go out today...

despite the exam tomorrow,despite I still got 2 and a half note not yet study,despite all thing la...
I still stick to my thought and woopsss,already at mid valley at around 11am...
lolz...I can't believe I really went out ALONE there!
at first I wanted to buy 1 thing gea...but damn it,because of that thing,I went to mid,and at the end,because of that damn superrrrr expensive thing,I came back to upm here with empty hand!!!omg
but still I didn't regret for what i had done today...really relax during the gai gai...nonid to worry to all those thick notes...haha
just because went out for half day only,didn't buy anything,just had lunch there+transportation+2highlighter=rm20 wasted!!!
haiz...this week I already used rm100!for what?I also don't know...just know the money is disappearing in a very fast rate!

lolz...later as usual,will be going to the D11 there and do my routine activity on the night before the assessment--cook instant mee!
and I guarantee you all will past the exam if you do as what i do...wakaka


  1. No problem la. You are sponsored by JPA what and your monthly allowance is so so scary! Wahaha..I'm jealous anyway. In fact you should date me out ma, I was so bored in the past weekend. Spend the whole weekend alone in my room without doing anything really beneficial. Sienz. =(

  2. wei!!!u also got blog ar??y i can enter gea??can I hav ur blog add??plsssss....thx!hehe
    how i know u free jek,last time ask u out,u said u not free...
    wei,muz meet at least 1 b4 u go oversea!!!!

  3. Wahaha, of course I do. My blogging age is even older than yours okay? Hmm, yea, sure. By the way, Xin Jiat and Kok Leong are planning to go Cambodia(Angkor Wat) in this coming June. Are you interested anyway? =)

  4. i can go mum dun let me go...i ask d...haiz...u all enjoy la...btw,y i can c ur blog de??need permission or wat??aiya,u just send me ur blog address la,k??